International Workshop on Attractiveness Computing in Multimedia (IEEE-ACM 2017)
in conjunction with IEEE BigMM 2017
April 19-21, 2017, Laguna Hills, California, USA


As the advancement of social platform, media capturing devices, and media processing tools, large volumes of user-generated content or professionally edited content are shared and disseminated on the Web. Internet users can browse, comment, edit, and sometimes creatively re-compose this content to generate new media, giving new insights or interesting applications. A fundamental question, therefore, arises - Why are we attracted to multimedia content and services? How can we make our multimedia content, services, and experiences more attractive? Massive multimedia data shared on social media platforms apparently raise multimedia research challenges and opportunities; however, few research efforts have been put on these interesting and challenging topics. This workshop is intended to provide a forum for researchers and engineers to present their latest innovations and share their experiences on all aspects of attractiveness computing in multimedia. Topics of ACM include, but are not limited to:


Authors are invited to submit a full paper (up to 6 pages, formatted according to the specifications by BigMM 2017) to
The papers must contain no information identifying the author(s) or their organization(s). Reviews will be single-blind (author names can be included). Papers will be judged on their relevance, technical content and correctness, and the clarity of presentation of the research.