International Joint Workshop on Multimedia Artworks Analysis and Attractiveness Computing in Multimedia 2021 is in conjunction with ICMR 2021, Taipei, Taiwan

Mar. 24, 2021: Important dates are updated.

Mar. 15, 2021: Workshop will be postponed by one month to one day during August 21-24, 2021.

Jan. 25, 2021: Workshop Web site online!


With the advancement of multimedia technology and social platforms, new types of artworks emerge and spread rapidly. Such artworks can be photos / illustrations / comics / animations / music created by different media capturing devices or media processing tools. Nowadays, not only humans can create artworks, but with the help of deep learning technology, machines can also become "artists", resulting in ever-increasing amount of user / machine generated or edited content disseminated on the Web. In order to further utilize the created artworks in real-time applications (such as AR / MR / VR games, training or experience systems), there is a tremendous demand for accurate and efficient technologies of classifying, indexing, searching and streaming for various types of artworks. In addition to objective entities like objects, events, and scenes, cognitive properties might better describe the multimedia content (especially for artworks). With the explosive growth of media, technologies that can analyze the attractiveness of multimedia content to users are indispensable. Since multimedia artworks and attractive content are usually related, and that both are emerging media types, organizers of two originally-separate workshops both established in 2016; MMArt and ACM, have decided to collaborate to mutually strengthen the influence of each workshop since 2018. The proposed joint workshop will solicit novel contributions to multimedia research that focus on emerging types of artworks and attractive content. In addition to conventional art forms like paintings and photos, we will especially encourage contributions that propose new methodologies, novel challenges, and interesting applications for emerging multimedia artworks such as comics, illustrations, micro films, animation, games, and VR / AR, and attractive content that is implicitly embedded in various types of media.

MMArt-ACM 2021 solicits novel contributions to multimedia research that focus on emerging type of artworks or attractive content. We especially encourage contributions that propose new methodologies, novel challenges, and new applications for emerging multimedia artworks or attractive content. Topics including, but are not limited to analyses and applications of the following areas are solicited:

  • Creation: content synthesis and collaboration; creation of novel artworks or attractive content; connecting real-world art with digital artworks; attractive content creation.

  • Editing: content authoring, composition, summarization, and presentation; multimodal integration.

  • Indexing and retrieval: novel features and structure to index multimedia artworks or attractive content; retrieval interface and model; socially-aware analysis.

  • Methodology: machine learning for multimedia artworks or attractive content; classification and pattern recognition; generic model and heuristics in analysis.

  • Interaction: interaction on various devices; user in the loop of computation; human factors in artworks or attractiveness.

  • Evaluation: dataset development; evaluation of systems for multimedia artworks or attractive content; design of user study; limitation of the state-of-the-art.

  • Novel applications: novel application scenarios; development of novel challenges and perspectives.